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Benvenuti in Italia!


Ciao Italia!

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Visita al Ristorante:

È stata una bella visita. Abbiamo mangiato pizze e gelato dopo aver fatto la registrazione.
We enjoyed pizza and ice-cream after the recording session in the restaurant.



Una Grande Pizza Vesuvio!:
Click here to see the text and music of this Italian song for the Christmas concert of 2011




Here's a letter between penpals, sent October 2008

Ci piaciono mandare le letterine!



Click here to see an Italian Journal showing what children at our
Livorno twin school get up to: Un diario italiano!


Rang 5, 2007:

Click to see Rang 5 learning Italian

Rang 6, 2007:

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Here's some Christmas artwork from 2007, sent by Classi 4A and 4B, Scuola Cattaneo:

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Click here to see us singing Canti di Natale, our Italian song for the 2007 Christmas Concert


Canti di Natale

Ben-ven-ut-i tut-ti qua
Fáil-te romhaibh go léir
Ques-to è il con-cer-to
Seo é an ceol choir-m

Can-ti-amo le can-zo-ne
Can-aim-is amh-ráin
As-col-tat-e can-ti di nat-a-le
Éist-ig-í le car-úil na Nol-lag

È ven-u-to Je-su Cris-to
Thái-nig Ío-sa Críost
Ha sal-vat-o tut-ti noi
Shábháil sé muid go léir


Ecco bab-bo na-tale
Seo é San Nioc-lás
Por-ta ci i reg-ali
Tá bronn-tan-ais aige




Click here to see a lesson teaching us about the weather:


Italian Lesson: Vuoi un Gelato?




Pupils from 3rd and 4th Classes are paired with children from our Livorno school

Here's some of the Christmas artwork they sent us



Another visit from an Italian delegation from the Parma district

Like last year, they brought us lovely Parma ham and cheese

Grazie Mille!



Roma Mí Meán Fómhair 2006


Carnevale 2006

Tháinig Pascaline le rudaí ón Iodáil chun múineadh faoi chultúr na hIodáile.
Abbiamo provato delle maschere di Carnevale nelle classi 5 e 6.


Click here to see pictures of Lorella making Frappe with us
Martedì Grasso, Feb. 28, 2006


16.11.05: Tháinig cuairteoirí ón Iodáil chuig Scoil Raifteirí.
Visita di insegnanti da Parma

Hanno visto Rang 5

C'era un piccolo concerto

Ci hanno dato belle sorprese:

Múinteoir Philomena sliced the salami

It was shared out...

...agus bhí dóthan le ithe ag gach duine


In Marzo, 2004, siamo andati al Ristorante Al Muretto

Ci hanno dato qualcosa a mangiare!

There were 33 hungry students (and one teacher) to be fed.

E poi, il gelato

Grazie a Max, Marco e tutti al ristorante!

This is the Rialto Bridge in Venice.

Our friends from Scuola Orceoli in Forlì sent us this and the other pictures shown on this page.

Seo an scoil atá acu san Iodáil.

Is scuola media í agus tá na páistí i dteagmháil linn ag aois 11 agus 12.

In Italy the carnival is very celebrated. Venice is the "capital"of carnival. In Venice there are parades of masks and there are big celebrations. Carnival camouflage is a fine art in Venice, where costumes are the main attraction. The Venetian tradition of wearing masks and costumes began with the "stocking companies" club of young Venetian noblemen who organized parties and were famous for the colourful stockings they wore. Costumes in Venice are often based on elegant 18th- century masquerade dress. Costumes borrow from the high fashion of the 1700s and from the theatrical "commedia dell'arte" style. This celebration lasts about two weeks. The typical sweets at carnival are "frappe" and castagnole.


My name is Martina, I'm 11 years old. I live in Forli.
My mother's name is Emanuela, my father's name is Luigi and my brother's name is Mattia. I have two cats, a he cat and a she cat their names are Micio and Micia. I like chocolate ice cream and pizza.
In my classroom I have much friends your names are Monica, Sara, Lucia, Carlotta, Valentina, Paolo, Thomas, Simone, Luca, Stefano e Matteo.

Il mio nome è Martina, per gli amici Marty come tua sorella. Io ho 11 anni. Io vivo a Forlì. Mia mamma si chiama Emanuela, mio babbo Luigi e mio fratello Mattia. Io ho due gatti, sono un maschio e una femmina il loro nome è Micio e Micia.
A me piace il gelato al cioccolato e la pizza. Nella mia classe ho molti amici che si chiamano Monica, Sara, Lucia, Carlotta, Paolo, Thomas, Luca, Simone, Luca, Stefano e Matteo.


Seo litir ríomhphost eile a fuaireamar:


My name is Lucia.
I'm an only child. I'm a girl.
I'm 12 years old. I live in Forlì. My favourite bands are Aqua, Vengaboys, Britney Spears, Lou Bega, Enrique Iglesias, Ricky Martin, Lunapop.
My hobbies are swimming, drawing, painting, dancing.
I hope some day that I could be a secretary.

Mi chiamo Lucia. Io sono figlia unica. Sono una ragazza.
Sono dodicenne. Vivo a Forlì. I miei gruppi musicali preferiti sono: Aqua, Vengaboys, Britney Spears, Lou Bega, Enrique Glesias, Ricky Martin, Lunapop.
I miei hobbies sono: nuotare, disegnare, pitturare, ballare.
Spero un giorno di diventare una segretaria.

Pasta Carbonara

pancetta affumicata (bacon)
3 uova (3 eggs)
4 cucchiai di parmigiano grattugiato (4 spoons of grated parmigiano cheese)
sale (salt)
pepe (pepper)
350 gr. di pasta

Procedimento (method)
1. Fare bollire l'acqua
2. Mettere la pancetta affumicata a rosolare nella padella.
3. Sbattere le uova con il parmigiano, il sale e il pepe in un recipiente
4. Quando la pasta è cotta versare tutto nella padella con la pancetta e tenere sul fuoco per 5 minuti.



Here is Rang 4 working on the map of Italy, putting in pictures of interesting places to be seen.


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