Che cosa fanno gli Italiani?

What do Italian kids get up to every day?

Cad a dhéanann na páistí ón Iodáil?


Here are some of the activities done by the
pupils at our twin school in Livorno



It's nice to write to you again...

... we want to tell you how we spend some moments of our day.

We hope to have your news soon





I get up at 7.10 am to go to school




Faccio colazione alle sette e mezzo

Vado a scuola alle otto




Dear friends from the Studious Group, how are you? We are well.

We hope to receive your letters as soon as possible so that we can know you better.

We are preparing a video for you, and we are enjoying ourselves a lot.

We want to give you an account of some parts of our day.




In the morning, from 8.20 am till 1.30 pm, we're at school

We have lessons in the afternoon. We play.




We haven't been in contact for a long time.

Do you remember us? We're Matteo, Filippo and Giulio.

How did you spend the summer? Where did you go?

We are waiting for replies. For now, we're going to tell you about us.




7.00 am!




I go to school at 8.10 am

I have lunch at 2.00 pm




At three pm, I go horse riding

At five in the afternoon, I go to the pool




At five in the afternoon, I go to tennis

I go canoeing at 6 pm





















































and here's one of the replies from our side:

una lettera scritta da Saoirse



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